Flowtech Model T – Pinch Valve


The PV400 Pinch Valve is an air operated piston type valve, designed to use a plunger to crimp/close the operators blast hose to start and stop the blasting operation.

This type of valve/system allows the operator to stop the blasting process without the need to de-pressurie the blast pot.

If in turn provides faster activation and de-activation at the blast nozzle.

Upon receiving an air signal from the deadman system control valve, the compressed air in the upper chamber of the valve body exhausts. This allows the piston/plunger assembly to raise, releasing the crimp on the blast hose and starting the blast process.

A pair of guide tubes are provided to ensure that the piston/plunger assembly travels smoothly through the vertical plane during its operation.

Note: The Pinch Valve system is not a fail safe blast pot control system, it relies on a supply of compressed air to the unit to cut off the blasting process, if this supply of compressed air is compromised in any way premature activation of the blasting operation can occur.


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