Model G – Vapor/Dry Abrasive Blasting System


Model-G Abrasive Blasting System, complete with 10M Blast Hose & #10 (10mm) Silicon Nitride (Double Venturi) Long Life Blast Nozzle.


Units fully crated for international shipping.


FT-180G system features built-in wet or dry blasting as standard, with adjustble blasting pressure regulation from 15-100psi, washdown and blowdown features as standard, Fitted with our Flowtech abrasive saver valve for optimum blasting efficiency,only use abrasive when you require it. this fully automatic blasting system is our top of line standard contractor portable system in our range. (fits through a standard doorway).


Product Brochure


Abrasive Capacity: 90Litres, (7x25kg bags)


Requires: 150-500cfm @ 100psi to operate.

Additional information

Weight 145 kg


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