What Blasting Technology is right for my application?


Flowtech offer two types of blasting systems:


  • Dual Induction (open hopper/non-pressurised)

  • Pressure Blast (Venturi induction)

Dual Induction Systems:

Flowtech Dual Induction Systems are open hopper/non-pressurised and exempt from pressure equipment directives. They are beneficial in applications where high humidity is present and eliminate the need for a dryer where abrasive moisture contamination is an issue. Additionally, where the hopper must be loaded continuously for production, Dual Induction Systems can operate 24/7 without breaks in production.

With pressure adjustment from 15-100psi, Dual Induction Systems are ideal for stone cleaning as well as heavy stripping of surface coatings in various applications.

How does Dual Induction work?

Flowtech Dual Induction Systems use two main blast hoses instead of one, unlike our Venturi Systems. One hose carries high-flow air only and the other carries air & abrasive or air, water & abrasive, where the abrasive mixes meet high-flow air at the nozzle prior to expulsion from the blast nozzle. Abrasive pick up is achieved primarily with the use of a heavy duty “eductor” which conveys the abrasive particles to the blast nozzle, a process which eliminates stored compressed air mixing with abrasive in the blast hopper and ensures smooth flow of abrasives.

Abrasive metering on Dual Induction Systems is metered with the use of our normally closed abrasive pinch valve, which varies its opening orifice size according to the pressure applied via the machines abrasive air regulator. (patent pending).

Likewise, on our G/GS models, water can be infinitely controlled to give complete control for either wet blasting or low water “vapour blasting” depending on the application.

Flowtech Dual Induction Systems use their own unique blast hoses and nozzles which can all be purchased directly on our eshop.

Flowtech offer these ultra-modern blasting systems in both dry-only models and hybrid wet/dry models, Dual Induction Systems are available to purchase via our eshop for global shipping.

Global Patent Pending

Venturi Blast Systems

Designed for ultra-heavy duty blasting applications, for high velocity blast cleaning, Flowtech Venturi
Blast Systems are the world’s first “contractor style” pressurised venturi blast water saturated blast
pots that offer dustless blasting in a neat package with complete portability. Designed with hard
conditions in mind for reliability, performance ease of use.

How do Venturi Blast Systems work?

Flowtech Venturi blast systems feature an industry standard popup valve and unique venturi abrasive induction for superior blasting performance.
With blasting pressure adjustment from 15-175psi, these blasting systems are ideal for all coating removal projects – be it classic car restoration or ship hull cleaning, through to oil rig maintenance.

See our Model-T system, available for purchase via our eshop for global shipping.
Global Patent Pending Flowtech Venturi Blast Systems are compatible with all industry standard blast nozzles/hoses and
couplings and spare parts and consumables can be purchased online via our eshop.
If you are still unsure about which system is right for you, or need further advice on setting up in business? Then please contact Flowtech sales and we will be happy to help you out.

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