Flowtech Abrasive Blasting Equipment

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Flowtech is a global leader in the design, manufacture & supply of high-quality, high-performance abrasive blasting equipment

Flowtech Abrasive Blasting Equipment is built tough to serve our customers globally in applications ranging from restoration use, through to heavy industrial/offshore applications that demand utmost performance. Flowtech blasting equipment ensures our customers stay ahead of the game.

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Unrivalled Performance, Endless Endurance

With systems built to suit every application in wet & dry blasting, we offer unrivalled “dustless” or “vapour” blasting in our global patent pending, easy-to-use technology.

With a core ethos on quality, reliability and customer service, Flowtech International supplies you with equipment that is user-friendly and ultra reliable, with 24/7 aftercare support.

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Built to Blast, Engineered to Last.